Sunday, January 4, 2015


Well the weekend has come to an end and so had my road trip. I’m back at home and it’s confession time. I didn’t make it to the gym at the hotel like I had planned, but I did swim laps in the pool. I didn’t eat as healthy as I wanted to, I schmoozed a bit, drank a few beers and ate a few fatty things, but all in all, I didn’t splurge too much. It wasn’t the best weekend for eating, but it also wasn’t as bad as it could have been. I’m going to keep on it and make it a great week of salads
I got myself an inspiring workout shirt while at the convention today! I love the saying on it, and when you sweat, it reveals a secret message on the back that says “run every day”. I just learned about this brand today called ViewSPORT! See more here!


For me, the main strategies I used to succeed at healthy eating was by being prepared, thinking about my meals ahead of time and making sure I had meals prepared. This weekend I am travelling for work and spending the next 3 days on the road and in a hotel. Eating healthy while on the road is always a struggle for me. I cannot make meals ahead of time for lunch or dinner and am working long hours at a convention centre (with scantily clad models, yay). If you have ever worked at a convention centre, you KNOW there aren’t exactly the healthiest choices available when you get hungry. When I get the hungry pangs, I find myself drawn to the mini donut stands, popcorn stands and fudge smorgasbords. SO TEMPTING! OMNOMNOM…
To help myself get through the temptation this time, I have packed myself some snacks for when I get the hunger pangs. These are to tide me over until I can find something healthy to eat. I’ve packed Snapea Crisps (which are a bit greasy but taste fantastic!), Veggie Straws and apple sauce. Each of these snacks range from 80-130 calories.
What other snacks are good to have while on the road?Kim Got Fat Veggie Straws, Apple Sauce, Snapea CrispsThere is a gym here at the hotel….my goal is to get in there and run on the treadmill at least once!
Oh it happened. No it didn’t happen overnight, it crept up on me slowly over the span of 2 years. What happened exactly? I got fat. No I didn’t gain 100lbs or anything, but I gained enough which forced me to buy new pants and currently wear stretch pants to work. I held off buying a larger size of pants for 4 months because I didn’t want to give in to this weight gain. I didn’t want to admit that I had lost my way and my figure as well. I wanted to get it off and get back into my regular size before being forced to buy new clothes. But you can only wear stretch pants to work so long before it eats at you.
I think I am like a lot of women who aren’t obese (yet), but have gained enough weight to the point where we don’t feel good in our skin. I feel jiggly, double chinned, unsexy and can see that my bra is digging into my back fat making a nice double line…but things weren’t always this way.
My body, fashion and appearance has always been very important to me. I have always been an hourglass figure and damn proud of the hard work I put into maintaining it! I wore pencil skirts, blouses, heels and spent time getting ready for work every day. Since this weight gain, I feel like I have lost my identity and things I deeply enjoyed. When you lose one of the things you identify with, you feel completely lost. I have come to a point where I am disgusted with myself and feel like I need to make a change…This NEEDS to happen. I’m not an expert on diets, exercise or healthy eating so I need a little help. It is going to be a long road to do this right, so I’m hoping to get the support of other bloggers to succeed in this journey to a better body. A public blog is a great way for accountability and motivation. I want to succeed so back me up and let’s do this!
Lets lose those 10-20lbs we have gained!
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