Sunday, January 4, 2015


For me, the main strategies I used to succeed at healthy eating was by being prepared, thinking about my meals ahead of time and making sure I had meals prepared. This weekend I am travelling for work and spending the next 3 days on the road and in a hotel. Eating healthy while on the road is always a struggle for me. I cannot make meals ahead of time for lunch or dinner and am working long hours at a convention centre (with scantily clad models, yay). If you have ever worked at a convention centre, you KNOW there aren’t exactly the healthiest choices available when you get hungry. When I get the hungry pangs, I find myself drawn to the mini donut stands, popcorn stands and fudge smorgasbords. SO TEMPTING! OMNOMNOM…
To help myself get through the temptation this time, I have packed myself some snacks for when I get the hunger pangs. These are to tide me over until I can find something healthy to eat. I’ve packed Snapea Crisps (which are a bit greasy but taste fantastic!), Veggie Straws and apple sauce. Each of these snacks range from 80-130 calories.
What other snacks are good to have while on the road?Kim Got Fat Veggie Straws, Apple Sauce, Snapea CrispsThere is a gym here at the hotel….my goal is to get in there and run on the treadmill at least once!

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